How Do I Prepare for Divorce Mediation?


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Many divorcing spouses look for information such as divorce mediation checklists.  Well, in this video I’d like to answer a common question that many divorcing couples have which is “How do I prepare for divorce mediation?”

I will cover 4 of the most important divorce mediation checklist items which will set you up for success during divorce mediation:

#1 Commit to the mediation process

When suited as a good fit, divorce mediation is extremely effective and successful.  With such a high success rate it’s no wonder spouses are giving divorce mediation a chance in lieu of a costly court battle.    

To be successful, you must be committed to the divorce mediation process.  This process requires participation from each spouse.  There is no hiding behind an attorney so it will take work from each person to resolve the issues.  If you are not committed to this process then mediation will not be successful.

#2 Be ready to tell your story

There are many benefits of divorce mediation; one of the biggest is that divorcing spouses get to tell their side of the story.  Contrary to popular belief, this does not happen in divorce court. So be prepared to tell your story.  It may be helpful to write it down before your first mediation session.  If you tend to lose your train of thought when emotional then take your written story with you and read your written story.
The important thing is that you are open and honest when sharing your story.  It should convey your point-of-view, concerns, priorities, and desired outcome.  This information is very important to the mediator because it will help him or her facilitate a successful mediation.

#3 Be open to your spouse’s point-of-view

Mediation requires that each party be open to hearing the other person’s point-of-view.  So, come to mediation with an open mind.  Be willing to accept that the other person has their own story, just as you have yours.   

Giving respect to each other’s point-of-view will facilitate productive brainstorming and problem-solving during the mediation process.  By understanding each other’s perspective you, along with the mediator, can find amicable agreements to the issues.

#4 Come to mediation with your thinking cap on 

Mediation allows the parties to decide the outcome, not a judge.  So, instead of working on a bunch of paperwork to get things started in court, mediation actually jumps right into solving the problems.  Did you know that problems can actually be resolved during the first mediation session?

For this to happen, it requires both parties to arrive with their thinking caps on.  The mediator will facilitate brainstorming and problem-solving activities, but he or she will not solve the problem for you.  The divorcing spouses will actually craft their own solutions.  Mediation is very empowering and rewarding because it allows spouses to develop solutions that are unavailable in the court system.

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