Mediation Services

Our services can be utilized in several ways.  We provide many options to resolve disputes outside the court system.  


Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation involves mediating all aspects of your divorce - from start to finish.  This option allows you and your spouse to determine all details about your divorce.  Along with the mediator you discuss and create the agreements surrounding custody, child support, alimony, marital property, debt and the family business.  

Mediation provides a more financially reasonable divorce option for spouses who want to divorce in an amicable way.  Click below to learn more about our Divorce Mediation Services.  


Co-Mediation Services

Co-mediation involves the use of more than one skilled mediator in the mediation process.  Co-mediation can be used in full and limited scope mediation.  Co-mediation is helpful in several situations.  Many individuals choose co-mediation due to the diverse background and skills of both mediators.  With the use of more than one mediator participants achieve an even better outcome, in less time, than with just one mediator. 


Limited Scope Mediation Services

There are times when most of the issues have already been resolved and agreed upon.  However, one or two items are particularly difficult to resolve and spouses haven't reached agreement yet.  We provide mediation services in this situation.  Click below to learn more about the issues that we help resolve during Limited Scope Mediation.


Family Mediation Services

Spouses and families often face disagreements that are difficult to resolve without assistance.  Marital mediation is a series of facilitated negotiations in which a couple engages a third party neutral - a mediator that helps them design practical solutions to the issues challenging their relationship.   

Family mediation is a series of facilitated negotiations in which two or more family members engage a mediator to help them craft solutions to the issues troubling their relationship.  Click below to learn when Family Mediation would be appropriate.

To learn more about our divorce and mediation services please call or click to schedule a consultation.

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