Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is increasingly well known and becoming widely accepted in all parts of the country.  At St. Louis Divorce and Mediation Services, you and your spouse sit down in the same room with a neutral divorce mediator.  With the help of your mediator, you and your spouse work through all the issues, allowing you to make the agreements needed to reach a divorce settlement and positive parenting plan.

What to expect in mediation

Regardless of the mediation style, there are several things you can depend on in the mediation process.  First, mediation is flexible and confidential.  Flexibility and confidentiality in the divorce mediation process allows you, and your spouse, a way to divorce amicably.  The process also provides privacy, lower costs, healthier co-parenting post-divorce, and a more satisfying outcome.  Mediation gives both spouses helpful ools they can use in post-divorce communication.  

Divorce mediator's role

The mediator remains unbiased – this means the mediator will not pick sides and will remain a neutral facilitator.  The mediator serves both spouses as a facilitator of communication, information, and problem-solving.  The mediator cannot give legal advice, financial advice, or act as an advocate for either spouse.  Mediators often provide factual information that is helpful in facilitating the discussion.  They may also highlight your need for additional information when it is not readily available in the process (e.g. obtaining a real estate appraisal to determine value of a home).  When the mediator provides such information they will provide the same information to both parties - it is often done so via the mediation session, an email or a phone call with both parties.

The benefits of mediation

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Mediation allows for the open and free exchange of information.  This transparency empowers both spouses to negotiate with each other in confidence.  Since spouses are working with the same base of information, it usually takes far less time to negotiate a resolution that makes sense.

Mediation is voluntary.  Spouses choose to engage in the mediation process and one, or both spouses, can choose to disengage in the mediation process. 

Mediation is far less stressful than putting your future in the hands of the legal system.  In mediation, you and your spouse are in control of the pace of the process.  You can also craft agreements that are unique to your own individual situation.  Instead of being told that you have to fit into a cookie cutter plan you have the opportunity to customize a plan that works for your family - this reduces a great deal of stress for spouses with children. 


·        Distribution of Marital Property (Assets and Liabilities)

·        Parenting Time and Child Custody

·        Child Support

·        Alimony / Maintenance / Spousal Support

·        Retirement Accounts

·        Marital Real Estate

·        Family Business

·        College Expenses

·        Health Insurance

·        Tax Considerations


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