Why Choose Mediation in Divorce?


Why Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce instead of fighting it out in court?

This video depicts divorce through a child's eyes.  When divorce is done right, the well-being of the children and  post-divorce relationships are better protected.

Litigated Divorce

Many parents are unaware that there are healthier ways to divorce.  Oftentimes spouses are on civil terms when they decide to divorce.  When otherwise civil spouses choose the litigated divorce the process ends up driving a wedge between them.  This can be extremely damaging to their co-parenting relationship and cause emotional harm to the children - who are often caught in the middle.

Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Alternatively, spouses choose divorce mediation and collaborative divorce because they learn just how important it is to "keep it civil for the children", "maintain healthy co-parenting relationships post divorce", and "avoid draining the family finances".  

Here is a candid video depicting "Dear Mom & Dad" which was written by Monica Epperson, founder of The Child of Divorce.  These are the words of children who have suffered the effects of "unhealthy divorce".  This is a BIG reason spouses opt for divorce mediation and collaborative divorce. 

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