St. Louis Divorce Co-Mediation Services

Divorce financial expert Nicole Davis and divorce attorney Jennifer Rench are both trained in divorce mediation.  These divorce mediators have teamed up to offer divorce co-mediation services in St. Louis Missouri.  

Why co-Mediation?

Each divorce involves issues related to family law and divorce financial matters. Nicole and Jennifer's complementary skills provide a unique and comprehensive approach to the divorce process.  Bringing their legal & financial experience to the divorce mediation process, they are able to help clients craft long-term, mutually agreeable and durable divorce settlements.

What is Divorce Co-Mediation?

Divorce co-mediation is an effective process where multiple skilled mediators (usually two) are facilitating mediation.  The personalities, background, and expertise of each mediator provides their clients with a better divorce mediation process and outcome.  


·        Divorce

·        Parenting Plan / Child Custody Modification

·        Child Support / Maintenance Modification

·        Marital / Couple Disputes

·        Family Disputes

·        Employment Disputes

·        Business Owner Disputes

·        Neighborhood Disputes


You may be concerned that having two well-skilled professionals at the table costs more than just one mediator.  That simply is not true for these two.  Nicole and Jennifer worked together to develop a fee structure that addresses this concern.

As a team, Nicole and Jennifer charge a combined hourly rate of $250 per hour. Their rate is less than most solo St. Louis divorce mediators.

If you feel that you cannot afford the fee, you may apply for their co-mediation fee reduction program.  Click on the application button below to complete the St. Louis Divorce Co-Mediation Reduced Fee Application and to review our reduced fee table.   

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