You Know It's the Right Choice, but Worry About the Children

You know you are making the right choice, but you wonder how divorce will affect the children. 

Maybe this is why you've stayed in your marriage this long.  This is completely normal and naturally you don't want to hurt your children and would like to preserve a positive co-parenting relationship after divorce.  

You have divorce options and it's how you divorce that will determine the way it affects your children.   

Help Near you in St. Louis, MO

You've probably never gone through a divorce before so you don't really know how the divorce process works.  You may have even heard some divorce nightmare story from a friend, family member or coworker and the thought of fighting it out in court makes you sick.  You think to yourself - there must be a better way.  

You are correct.  There are better ways.  You have many out-of-court options for getting an amicable divorce.

How Does Divorce Services Work?

When you call for the first time, we will have a converstation lasting up to  minutes to see if we are a good fit for each other.  I will ask you some questions and explain how I help my clients.  Then you will get to ask questions of me.  By the end of our call, we will kow if you, and your spouse, are ready to schedule a consultation.

Our consultation will give me a chance to meet you and your spouse.  I will hear from both of you a bit about your situation and why you are interested in an amicable divorce.  I will then share the various Missouri divorce options and how they may be a good fit for your situation.  You then decide how you would like to engage me in the amicable divorce process.

I'd love to help you; call me today at (314) 272-0727.


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